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Instrumentos y manuales de evaluación de programas


Methodological convergence of program evaluation designs   ¡Nuevo!
(2014) S Chacón-Moscoso, M.T. Anguera, S. Sanduvete-Chaves, M. Sánchez-Martín

Developing and evaluating communication strategies to support informed decisions and practice based on evidence (DECIDE): protocol and preliminary results
(2013) S Treweek, AD Oxman, P Alderson, PM Bossuyt, L Brandt, J Brozek, et al.   

Reporting a program evaluation: Needs, program plan, intervention, and decisions
(2013) S Chacón Moscoso, S Sanduvete Chaves, M Portell Vidal y MT Anguera Argilaga.   

Drug-related research in Europe: recent developments and future perspectives
(2012) EMCDDA – European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.   

Guidelines for the evaluation of drug prevention: a manual for programme planners and evaluators (second edition)
(2012) EMCDDA – European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Come produrre, diffondere e aggiornare linee guida per la salute pubblica. Manuale metodologico
(2011) NIEbP - Network Italiano Evidence based Prevention  ¡Nuevo!

The NightSCOPE manual
(2011) K. Hughes, J. Stuart, A. Bennett y MA Bellis.

The Magenta Book. Guidance for Evaluation
(2011) HM Treasury.   

Evidence in Public Mental Health - Commissioning, interpreting and using evidence on mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention: An everyday primer.
(2010) E Jané-Llopis, H Katsching, D McDaid y K Wahlbeck.   

Prevention and Evaluation Resources Kit – PERK. A manual for prevention professionals
(2010) EMCDDA – European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Programas preventivos de las drogodependencias. Guía de evaluación
(2010) S Font-Mayolas, ME Gras y M Planes.

Data Collection Methods
(2009) RAND – MC Harrell y M Bradley.

Bulletin on Narcotics. Measurement issues in drug policy analysis
(2008) UNODC – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Kit for Assessment of Recreational Nightlife – KAReN Set
(2006) IREFREA – Instituto Europeo de Estudios en Prevención.

Getting To Outcomes
(2004) RAND – M Chinman, P Imm y A Wandersman.

Emerging Drug Phenomena. A European manual on Early Information Function for Emerging Drug Phenomena
(2003) OFDT – Observatoire Français des Drogues et des Toxicomanies.

Guide to evaluating drug prevention projects in Victoria
(2002) State of Victoria, Premier’s Drug Prevention Council.

Guía para la Evaluación de las Intervenciones Preventivas en el Ámbito de las Drogodependencias
(1998) EMCDDA – OEDT.

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